Tips for Hiring an Excavator

Excavators are essential equipment if you are a contractor or a builder. And compared to purchasing an excavator, it can be very cost-effective to rent an excavator. But you need to do some research to make sure you choose the right equipment depending on your project requirements.

Define your project requirements clearly

So that you have a good idea of the scope of work and the type of excavation you need to carry out. You also need to know the depth to be excavated along with the estimated volume of material to be removed. This will help you narrow down the requirements for the excavator. There are different configurations and sizes available for excavator hire Warragul so you need to have a clear idea of what you are looking for.

For a small to medium sized project, you can use a mini excavator. These are compact and easy to handle within a small working space. Then there are the standard excavators that have a wide range of applications. You can use these to grade, dig and lift. If you have a project that requires large scale earth moving tasks, a large excavator is required. This is great for heavy-duty digging. There are also long reach excavators that come with extended arms and booms for deep excavation projects.

While the standard excavators are generally mounted on tracks

There are those mounted on wheels as well. These wheeled excavators offer a wide range of movement and you can use this for urban projects. You need to consider the terrain of the site and the scope and size of the project when selecting the right type of excavator. Think about how you will be accessing the site. This can be through a gate, narrow path etc. You need to make sure that the excavator is able to manoeuvre through the path to the site and access it without any trouble. If you are operating within a tight space, it is best to go with a mini excavator.

When using larger excavators, you need to have more space to manoeuvre it

You have to clarify who is operating the excavator. It can be you or a team member but whoever operates it should have the right certification and licensing to operate the equipment. You need to have proper training for this as an excavator operated by an untrained and uncertified person can lead to accidents on the site and significant damage.

There are many rental companies when it comes to finding a place to hire an excavator but you need to do a bit of research to find out who has proper customer service and reliable machinery so that you don’t need to worry about the performance of the excavator during the project. Before you hire the excavator, you need to physically visit the rental company and inspect it. Make sure to record any signs of damage, rust, signs of wear etc. You need to check whether the safety features of the excavator are working properly.