Simplest guide to begin your car importing from Japan


Owning a car of your own in Australia doesn’t require that much money. But can you really get the Japanese car that you want here in the country?

If you happened to be a JDM enthusiast, then you know your priorities choosing the Japanese automobile market that is known for the secondhand market and sheer reliability of vehicle brands. If this is your first vehicle, and if you’re new to the entire JDM context, this simple guide would help you to make the best decisions.

Understand the car type (Not the make or model)

There are some types of cars that clearly go above and beyond the usual expectations. These are different from the coupes, hatchbacks, sedans, and even convertible types of cars.

The GT-R label, that start for Gran Turismo Racing, is one of those labels that simply cannot be bought but should be earned. Being adored by a global community. Thus, it’s safe to deduce that all car types can be generally categorized as being either a GT-R or not being one.

Compare and contrast all the possible makes and models

Once you’ve decided on the type, the next step is to consider the make and the model. The make of a car refers to the brand of the vehicle. For example, Nissan, Toyota, Mazda, Honda, or even BMW are considered to be a few of the most popular and most reliable JDM makes.

The model is what follows the make; for example, the Premio of Toyota is a model. When it comes to the context of GT-R, the skyline is always is the best without a doubt. If you’re still unable to make a choice, be sure to do your research thoroughly before choosing the only make and model that you know.

Choose a reliable importing company

If you’re planning to import your car from Japan to Australia, you should understand that it’s not a hard task if you know what to do. The problem is that the actual importing process changes from situation to situation is contradictory to what you might read online. On the flip side, buying vehicles from auctions is probably the most convenient and the cheapest method to own a JDM car.

In fact, this is how most Australian JDM sellers are making heaps of profits. Considering all these factors, and the prime factor of not taking the risk of wasting money, you must choose a reliable importing company that specifically focused on Japan.

Check the available options then and there

Most sophisticated companies run their operations online. This is to reduce the preparatory stages of the number of clients they handle. Hence, be sure to browse their website enough to choose your car and request a quotation. Since this would give you a rough idea about the overall cost, it would allow you to finalize decisions.

Give them a call and finalize the operation

After you’ve made your decision following receiving the quotation, it’s time to give them a call and have the final talk. Once you do that, it’s just a matter of waiting until you hear that your car is safe and ready to be collected.

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