Protecting Your Car’s Interior! – A Three Step Guide

Whether you are the owner of brand-new vehicle, or a used one of higher quality, if you want to keep it running smoothly for a long time, following the proper car care tips is paramount. While there are many technical aspects to keeping your vehicle’s engine and other functional components in top shape, which will surely require the assistance of a professional, you can do plenty to keep the interior looking at its best without spending as much time, money or effort. A well-maintained interior will give your car a high resale value, if you ever decide to sell.

Here, we will look into three handpicked tips that will help you protect the inside of your automobile for a long time!

Cleaning is key

Dust and debris are the silent killers of a car’s interior and most people who make the mistake of ignoring this very real threat over the years, pay dearly later on. Dust and debris can get accumulated over the years and easily seep into the spaces on your leather, plastic and metal surfaces. Overtime, these substances can get tightly attached to those surfaces, discolouring and damaging them.

Make it a point to run a vacuum through the inside of your ride once every two weeks. If the vacuum you own does not seem to cut it, do not hesitate to spend a couple extra bucks on getting the job done with the high-power vacuum they have at the carwash, the next time you drive over there.

Keep out UV rays

Long-term exposure of the delicate vehicle interiors to harmful UV rays can result in the surfaces and components inside to get bleached, damaged and brittle. While it is impossible to completely shield your vehicle from these rays (unless you decide never to take it out of the garage), you can make modifications to considerably reduce its impact.

Invest in automotive window tinting services that will give your windows just the right level of tint. This will keep the inside of the car, and those travelling in it safe from the danger of UV rays. In addition to this, always park the vehicle in a shaded area when away from home and use a UV reflector sun shield to protect your dash board from the sun.

Seat covers and floor mats

The original material used to cover your car seats is of high quality and finding a replacement of equal or better quality can be a real hassle. Therefore, invest in some seat covers for both the front and back seats to keep the original material from getting stained, worn or damaged due to usage.

And floor mats come in handy all year long to keep the sand, mud and the snow from wreaking havoc inside the vehicle. These will not cost you a whole lot of money, but will certainly provide some serious protection from all those spills over the years. Be sure to clean both the seat covers and floor mats on a regular basis.

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