Introduction to Bullbars and their Applications

Bullbars are a useful accessory for off-road applications and they can provide a great deal of protection to your vehicle. There are different models made by different manufacturers so you need to check exactly which type of bullbar is compatible with your vehicle. A bullbar is mainly used to protect the front of the vehicle from collisions.

By doing this, it can prevent damage to the engine and other vital components of the vehicle. If you are travelling in areas that have a high risk of animal strikes or driving in off-road conditions on roads that have a lot of vegetation and debris, it is recommended to use a bullbar for the protection of the vehicle.

Originally, bullbars were for providing protection from frontal impact and winch bars were a type of bullbar where you can mount a winch. But nowadays, almost all bullbars can take a winch. But it is best to be sure by asking from the supplier. There are different materials that bullbars come with such as steel, plastic or aluminium. They can be used for different purposes so you need to be clear in your requirements regarding which material suits you best.

Many times, people go for steel when it comes to a land rover bull bar or any heavy vehicle that drives in rough conditions. Steel can withstand animal collisions well. They don’t require a lot of maintenance and they can be quite easy to repair. But in addition to strength, steel can be the heaviest out of the bullbar materials resulting in higher fuel consumption.

Plastic is the lightest material that you can get for a bullbar but the strength offered by a plastic bullbar is a lot less. While they can bend when it comes to a head-on collision, they can be pushed out into place and brought back to the original shape. These bullbars are best for city driving and they can lessen the impact of the vehicle on a pedestrian. But a steel bullbar can be quite dangerous in a pedestrian collision.

Aluminium is a great alternative to steel bullbars as they are much more lightweight and has adequate strength; much more than a plastic bullbar. But its tensile strength is quite low and is a bit more expensive than steel. Also, they can fade after some time you polish it. So you will need to polish it regularly to maintain its shine.

When you are selecting the material of the bullbar, you need to think about where you are driving the vehicle and what you are using it for. If you are frequently venturing into areas that have a higher risk of damaging the vehicle or a higher risk of animal collisions, it is best to go for a steel bullbar. Occasional off-road travellers can do well with an aluminium bullbar while those who largely travel within the city can easily get by with a plastic bullbar.

There are different styles of bullbars as well and they will depend on the brand or model of your vehicle. There are bumper bars and single hoops. A single hoop will provide good protection to the front when compared to a bumper bar. Triple hoops provide a greater deal of protection but they are heavier than most styles.

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