Get That Brand-New Look Back Again – A Quick Guide

I’m sure you do get your car washed at least once a week or maybe once every two weeks. However just getting an exterior wash isn’t enough to maintain a car. If you plan on using your car for a long time you should consider detailing it once in a while to give it a brand-new look and feel.

This is a quick 12 step guide on how to do it on your own while saving some of that cash you’d spend at your local car wash.

Step 1: Get everything you need

As always with everything, the first thing is to get all the supplies required and keep them accessible to you. This will make the process much faster and easier than when you run around the house looking for equipment.

For this process you need a pressure washer, a black trash bag, a hose, Glass Cleaner, Tire shine, a vacuum, a couple of old rags, a sponge, conditioning wipes, a bucket, a grease remover, car wax and somemicrofiber cloths.

Care detailing products are widely and some of the best car detailing products in Australia can be easily found online or even in the department store close to you.

Step 2: Get your car into an open space

Open all the doors and clear the interior of your car.

Step 3: Start with the insides

First up get the water into the bucket and immerse the microfiber into the bucket. Squeeze the cloth and use it to clean the insides of the steering wheel, dashboard, door trims, hand brakes and gear box.

Once done use a dry piece of microfiber to dry the surfaces. Empty the bucket.

Refill the bucket with water up to the halfway mark and start on seats. If your car has leather seats use the wet microfiber we used before to wipe the seats and then dry using the other piece of cloth. If your car has anything other than leather use the vacuum to carefully clean them.

After the seats start vacuuming the floorboards. Remove the carpets, wash them and leave them out in the sun to dry.

Step 4: Move on the windows

Using another microfiber and glass cleaner to clean the windows. Make sure to wipe using the same motion.

Step 5: Focus on the wheels

Empty the bucket and fill it with water and mix some car wax into it. Submerge an old rag and a brush into the mixture. Using the brush remove all the grit and dirt from the tire and later use the rag to wipe the rims.

Step 6: Give your car an exterior wash

Using the sponge, pressure washer and some shampoo wash the car.

Step 7: Drying Time

Using a microfiber cloth wipe the car in a uniform direction. Open the doors and wipe the trims and give the rims another wipe.

After everything is dry spray some tire shine and wipe it.

Just like that you can give quick detailing jobs to your car at home. However, I do recommend you get it done from professionals’ time to time because they spend much more time and use different techniques to make your car look much better.

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