Four Essential Car Maintenance Tips

We all dream of owning a car that looks good enough to turn heads wherever we go and provide the maximum level of comfort when travelling in it. However, keeping a vehicle functioning at its optimum for a long time will prove to be a challenge, regardless of whether it’s new or old. So how can you give your automobile the proper care to extend its lifetime and make the best of your investment? Listed below are four simple yet effective tips to help you get this done.

Wash Your Car

Perhaps the most obvious advice, but the importance of proper, regular washing for a car is utmost! The many substances that cover the exterior of a vehicle such as bird droppings, dust and sap can cause serious harm to the paintjob and have irreversible impacts.

The interior too will collect a lot of dust particles on its surfaces which can be abrasive and liquids such as sodas when spilled can have corrosive effects on delicate interior surfaces. Start by vacuuming the interior and then using dampened soft cloth to gently wipe the residue off. Make sure you take the carpets and set covers out and give them a proper dusting and a brushing before washing off any excess dirt with a hose.

Tyre Care

When it comes to tyres, the simplest thing you can do to make sure they remain fit for the roads is by regularly checking the tyre-pressure and making sure they are inflated to the level recommended in the user manual. If you’ve been doing this right, and still the tyres go through uneven wear, then there’s probably something wrong either with your wheel alignment.

If not, it’s probably the cause of worn out brake pads which can, overtime, give rise to complications. As a rule, check the wheel realignment every 50,000 km and if it’s too worn out, make sure you replace them with newer ones. Nowadays, afterpay wheels and tyres options are available if you are too short of cash to pay all at once to make things easier.

Change the Engine Oils

Although many manuals today instruct vehicle owners to increase the gap between their oil changes, keep in mind that this applies only to brand new vehicles. Used cars require more frequent oil changes, without which the engine will not function properly. The oil serves by flushing the dirt and other unwanted substances from the engine interior and keeping it running smoothly for a long time.

Battery Maintenance

All car manufacturers claim that their default batteries are in no need of maintenance. However, as a responsible vehicle owner, you should check regularly to make sure. Proper care and regular checks can increase the life of your battery considerably.

To clean the terminal of the battery, you can use a damp piece of cloth, dipped in some detergent of necessary. Regular checks will reveal any cracks on its casing or bulges, which are basically signs of an expired battery that must be replaced as soon as possible to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

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