Can 4WD Be Automatic?

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Many decades ago, 4WD and AWD are both specialty features found in some vehicles. Most vehicles before are basically 2WDs, unless if you have a truck or other vehicle types for heavy use. Nowadays, 4WD system vehicles are already becoming a common option when shopping for a car. It also has a lot of varieties now such as full-time, part-time, and automatic. A 4WD simply refers to the type of vehicle system that sends power to all 4 wheels and … Continue reading “Can 4WD Be Automatic?”

What is a Suspension System Made of?

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The suspension system in your car is a combination of different parts that support the vehicle as it encounters bumps, potholes and uneven surfaces. The components together enable your car to absorb vibrations and make smooth turns when you rotate the steering wheel. Modern-day suspension systems are made up of so many parts and listing them all would take an entire day so below is a quick description of the 6 most important parts in a suspension system. These components … Continue reading “What is a Suspension System Made of?”